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!!!!!!!!!!EMERGENCY UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was recently revealed that the new Spiderman film WILL NOT BE A RETELLING OF PETER PARKER'S ORIGIN STORY. Unfortunately, this really takes a lot of power away from the original joke that went on to become #spidermantweet. This comes as a huge blow to me and the entire #spidermantweet community and there's no easy way to say this, but it is with a heavy heart that ask you to please UN-RETWEET #spidermantweet. And please let any of your friends who may have RT'd #spidermantweet after you that they need to un-retweet it as well.

What is #spidermantweet? In short, it's the world's first Facebook-comment-turned-tweet-by-popular-demand.

Now here's the long version: On April 13, 2015 my friend Jim VanBlaricum posted an article on Facebook about how they're relaunching the Spiderman movies again. On which I left the following comment:

"More like Repeater Parker."

My comment got a few likes, leading me to think "Hey, I guess that was a pretty good joke." I began to wondner if it would make a good tweet. So I posted on Facebook that if the comment got 10 likes I would turn it into its very own tweet. And you know what? We blew past 10 likes in minutes.

So I decided to add some stretch goals. At 20 likes, my good friend and comedian (and creator of the popular Comedy Single) Zach Broussard would RT the tweet out to his 5,000+ followers. GOAL MET. At 50 likes, Zach would make a promotional video for the tweet. GOAL MET. Then Last Week Tonight writer and comedian Josh Gondleman got on board and promised that if the tweet got 75 likes, he would RT it to his 47,000+ followers. GOAL MET.

Then as the buzz started to build, #spidermantweet got it's biggest endorsement yet: If the Facebook comment reach 100 likes, SNL's Vanessa Bayer promised to RT the tweet to her 70K+ followers. And did we reach our goal? UM, YEAH.

On April 15, 2015 #spiderman tweet went live and was RT'd by everyone who said they would (and a heck of a lotta other peope too!). I thought that was the end of it, but I was DEAD WRONG. After a business meeting with Alice Wetterlund (of Silicon Valley and MTV's #GirlCode), she informed me that she was a big fan of #spidermantweet. She knew that the comment was almost at 200 likes and if it got there, she promised to RT the tweet to her 90K+ follows. And we met that goal in RECORD TIME.

Then on the May 25 episode of the popular Indoor Kids Podcast, we made our biggest #spidermantweet announcement to date - at 250 likes, Indoor Kid/Silicon Valley cast member Kumail Nanjiani would RT the tweet to his 383K+ followers! And if the Facebook comment can get to 1,000 likes... he'd get THE CAST OF HBO'SSILICON VALLEY TO RT THE TWEET. We hit the 250 mark, but still have a ways to go in the #raceto1000.

So folks? We've got some work to do...

Get Involved!

So you want to help out #spidermantweet? Here's what you gotta do:

Use this link to find my friend Jim's original Facebook post. Click "Like" on my comment that says "More like Repeater Parker." Please spread the word about #spidermantweet and share this with your friends! If we all work together, we can get this thing to 1,000 likes in no time!

If you want to RT the tweet as well, that can be found here. And if you do RT, let's just say you'd be in some pretty good company...

Who's Tweeting?

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